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The open-to-all concept and “Family Friendly” theme proposed by the mosque promises various programmes and facilities to enhance community bonding among the different races and families across the different age groups.
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Our Management Board
Mosques in Singapore are currently managed by volunteers, refered to as Mosque Management Board (MMB) . There are specific units within Muis which oversees the administration of Singapore Mosques in general.
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Like our page to receive more information about mosque info and events. Find out the latest events and weekly classes happening at Al-Mawaddah Mosque.
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Rental Facilities
We provide rental facitlies of Auditorium, Small Classroom and Adjoining Classroom. Subject to availability of dates.
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Wedding Services
Booking is subject to availability of dates. If you wish to book, please let us know your preferred date. It is advisable to book early to avoid disappointment.
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Tahnik Services
We offer Tahnik service to newly born babies. Our imam will preside this ritual where a tiny portion of sweet date is placed in the mouth of the newborn and lead in the recitation of the dua.
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Al-Mawaddah Mosque is a recognised centre for collection of Zakat
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Saya gemar participate Majlis Ilmu hari Isnin di Masjid Al-Mawaddah. Ustaz Fakhrurazi Mat (maaf jika saya tersalah eja) seorang Ustaz yang tegas dan berani bersuara. Setiap hujahnya diberikan dalil dari hadis-hadis credible. Kata-katanya mudah difahami...Norsiah Mohamed AsniJemaah Muslimah, Al-Mawaddah Mosque,
Assalamu Alaikkum... I visited Masjid Al Mawaddah. From that day, I became a fan of it. I propagate the set-up, design and activities of your masjid.Yembal Thajammul MohammadJemaah Muslimin, Al-Mawaddah Mosque,
This mosque has always been a stop for me to do my Asar or even Maghrib especially when im on d move around d vicinity. It is easy acess n all i need to do is park my car n ran up to 2nd floor to do my solat n off i go. This mosque is clean n its welcoming feeling. Thank you.Saba'aton AbasJemaah Muslimah, Al-Mawaddah Mosque,