Mosques in Singapore are currently managed by volunteers, referred to as Mosque Management Board (MMB) . There are specific units within Muis which oversees the administration of Singapore Mosques in general.

Mosque Management Board of Al-Mawaddah Mosque (Term 1 Nov 2016 – 31 Oct 2019)

  1. Sharifuddin bin Mohamed Ali (Mosque Executive Chairman)
  2. Saifulbahri bin Rasno (Vice Chairman)
  3. Yusoff bin Ismail (Secretary)
  4. Bahar Ali bin Sakor (Vice Secretary)
  5. Mohamed Ejjad bin Abdul Rahim (Treasurer)
  6. Shahul Hameed bin Mohamed Yusoff (Vice Treasurer)
  7. Abdul Rahman bin Kamarudin (Member)
  8. Asiah binte Atan (Member)
  9. Mohamed Rashid bin Mohamed Ismail (Member)
  10. Mohd Jasmilee bin Kamis (Member)
  11. Patimah bte Abdul Rahim (Member)
  12. Syakir bin Pasuni (Member)