Method 1 – Fund/Direct Transfer
Bank: OCBC
Account: 501-728679-001
Bank Code: 7339
Branch Code: 501
* After transfering the donation, please give us a call (6489 0224), so that we can acknowledge the transfer.

Method 2 – Cheque
Please issue your cheque to “MASJID AL-MAWADDAH”

Method 3 – GIRO Form
You can download our GIRO Form for donation here

Thank you for your kindly support. May Allah SWT bless your amal soleh in helping Al-Mawaddah Mosque, Insya-Allah.

In a Hadith narrated by Imam Muslim, RASULULLAH S.A.W said:

When a person leaves the world, all his or her dealings will cease except for 3 things:
1. his or her Sadaqah
2. Beneficial Knowledge
3. And a his or her pious child who constantly makes supplication for the parent

Allah S.W.T says in the Quran Surah Al-Baqarah Ayat 261:

“The parable of those who spend their substance in the way of God is that of a grain of Corn. It groweth seven ears and each ear hath a hundred grains. God giveth manifold increase to whom he please and God careth for all and knoweth all things.”