Al-Mawaddah Mosque Learning Centre: is a part time Madrasah covering the major of Islamic teaching including Iqra, Tauhid, Fiqh, Sirah anda Akhlaq. It is intended to complement the education of Muslim students from Punggol/Sengkang/Hougang area which attending secular schools.

Our Madrasah prospectus is based on MUIS’s new part time Madrasah curriculum: aLIVE (Learning Islamic Values Everyday) Programmes.

This part time structured Islamic Education Programme is introduced for all young Muslims from age 5 to 24 years in different levels. The monthly fees for the aLIVE classes is only SGD $30.00

To ennoble our young with Islamic integrity and meaningful knowledge

To nurture our students with mawaddah (affection) and taqwa (piety) through a dynamic Islamic education

Core Values
L: Love and affection to one another
E: Exemplary in character
A: Aspire and guide
R: Resilient in action
N: Nurture and cherish one another

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